Phoenix HR

Phoenix HR - A flight to Human Resource Management System

Phoenix HR is built on Software as a Service (SaaS) model and independently capable to do justice to all HR needs due to its intelligence to discharge its duty with 100% compliance with all government laws and policies.

Phoenix enables your HR to devote quality time to their core responsibilities and forget about payroll & attendance hassles. Phoenix also prepares for you various reports helpful for provisioning and accounting. Phoenix includes PF, ESIC, PT, TDS, LWF, EDLI, Gratuity, Bonus and other modules.

With Phoenix is equipped to deliver solutions to organizations of all sizes and complexity.

Phoenix is 100% Compatible with all biometric/access/swipe card machines. With Phoenix a Sample format of attendance can be exported from application itself.

Phoenix works independent of number of employees, thus making it a perfect solution for all SME to MNC.

Phoenix HR

Software are helpful for an organisation is four ways:-

  • It enables the efficient and effective utilization of manpower resources by making them do more productive tasks.
  • Provides high dependency, accuracy and longevity of the data generated and records prepared.
  • It enables the organization to hire less number of employees thus reducing the operation costs drastically.
  • All relevant government compliances and legalities are taken care of without human effort thus protecting us from becoming innocent defaulters. This over the years also builds our organization’s goodwill and credibility to attract investors for future expansion.

More About Phoenix HR System

  • We provide the complete suite of solution to design/develop HR policies for effective organizational restructuring
  • Reduces the work load of HR, employees of company and other staff.
  • In addition to that it also facilitate faster access of HR related information of various branches.
  • Reporting and analysis tools to know get HR information to take business decisions.

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Phoenix HR was born in the cloud and designed for today’s competitive times. Advanced features include single sign-on, cross entity reporting, employee/ manager self-service, benefit administration with carrier connectivity and smart phone/tablet apps. Unlike many solutions in the marketplace, Phoenix is not only fully integrated, but also completely scalable. You can’t outgrow the product – as your company expands, Phoenix will fit your needs – no need to change platforms.