Phoenix HR

Phoenix HR - A flight to Human Resource Management System

Phoenix HR is built on Software as a Service (SaaS) model and independently capable to do justice to all HR needs due to its intelligence to discharge its duty with 100% compliance with all government laws and policies.

Phoenix enables your HR to devote quality time to their core responsibilities and forget about payroll & attendance hassles. Phoenix also prepares for you various reports helpful for provisioning and accounting. Phoenix includes PF, ESIC, PT, TDS, LWF, EDLI, Gratuity, Bonus and other modules.

With Phoenix is equipped to deliver solutions to organizations of all sizes and complexity.

Phoenix is 100% Compatible with all biometric/access/swipe card machines. With Phoenix a Sample format of attendance can be exported from application itself.

Phoenix works independent of number of employees, thus making it a perfect solution for all SME to MNC.

Phoenix HR

Software are helpful for an organisation is four ways:-

  • It enables the efficient and effective utilization of manpower resources by making them do more productive tasks.
  • Provides high dependency, accuracy and longevity of the data generated and records prepared.
  • It enables the organization to hire less number of employees thus reducing the operation costs drastically.
  • All relevant government compliances and legalities are taken care of without human effort thus protecting us from becoming innocent defaulters. This over the years also builds our organization’s goodwill and credibility to attract investors for future expansion.

More About Phoenix HR System

  • We provide the complete suite of solution to design/develop HR policies for effective organizational restructuring
  • Reduces the work load of HR, employees of company and other staff.
  • In addition to that it also facilitate faster access of HR related information of various branches.
  • Reporting and analysis tools to know get HR information to take business decisions.

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Phoenix HR was born in the cloud and designed for today’s competitive times. Advanced features include single sign-on, cross entity reporting, employee/ manager self-service, benefit administration with carrier connectivity and smart phone/tablet apps. Unlike many solutions in the marketplace, Phoenix is not only fully integrated, but also completely scalable. You can’t outgrow the product – as your company expands, Phoenix will fit your needs – no need to change platforms.

A Single, Seriously Powerful Tool for HR & Payroll Managers

Payroll + Benefits Administration + Time & Attendance + Human Resources data all totally integrated and ready for access.

All of your important, commonly needed, management-critical employee data in one place. Before Phoenix- Payroll, Benefit Administration, HR and even Time & Attendance were separate data files requiring exporting, importing, duplicate data entry, separate resources, software and log-ins. Phoenix changes all of that.


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  • Main objective to handle online browser based application that automates and processes Employee life-cycle
  • Multi branches can use it from anywhere and main admin can manage data.
  • Human Resource Management System that helps organizations to manage employee
  • Employee Self Service : Employee online attendance and late mark detail and effected in salary as per company rule
  • Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking System by Web based System
  • Goal Setting and Tracking System , 360 Degree Feedback, Compensations Planning
  • Training and Development, Leave on line and the summary should be considered for salary calculation
  • Employees Loan, claim, reimbursement details and all other calculation done online and updated in Salary Calculation.

Phoenix Makes Human Resources Administration Simple

Phoenix includes an integrated Human Resources component that includes workflow support, enabling you to input, store and report all types of employee data. Whether you want to deploy paperless approval and notifications processes for common HR activities, set up performance review alerts, track and approve leave or generate compliance reports, Phoenix is the answer to all of your HR administrative needs.

Phoenix HR gives you the ability to track compensation rates and ranges, identify HR by organization level, maintain emergency contact information and perform multi-level performance reviews (peer to peer, direct reports, for example). Between the highly configurable reporting and multi-level management capabilities, Phoenix gives your organization the tools to manage and strengthen your talent.

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Payroll Services

Save Time and Eliminate Risk

Phoenix is the most intuitive, configurable and user-friendly solution on the market.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • SaaS-based, Cloud-Resident – Solution is hosted centrally, making it easy to access and process payroll from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • True Multi-Tenant Architecture –A single version of the software serving tens of thousands of users. This allows all customers to benefit from new features and innovations that are released throughout the evolution of the product.
  • Fully Integrated – No need to manage multiple systems as Phoenix Payroll is seamlessly integrated with Time & Attendance, HR and Benefits Administration.
  • Cross Entity Reporting – multiple entities with separate FEIN’s… no problem. Payroll, HR and benefit reporting available across the organizations or by entity.
  • Real-time Payroll Preview – One click, nearly instantaneous preview of your payroll.
  • View and process payroll whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Total Data Security – Phoenix’s payroll solution utilizes a multi-layered security strategy to ensure that system access is limited to the right people. Phoenix data centres are SSAE 16 certified.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities – Over 250 standard reports included plus the ability to produce date range or point-in-time reports through your entire history. Every payroll report ever produced – at your fingertips.
  • Automate payroll processing
  • Eliminate hours of payroll calculations
  • Accurately reports employee time/attendance to Payroll & HR
  • It also facilitate faster access of HR related information
  • It provides security data and right management
  • Increase efficiency of payroll process
  • More accurate payroll tax records
  • Flexibility for payroll changes
  • Accurate salary reports
  • Accurate PF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Income Tax Reports
  • Save time and money compared to traditional payroll services
  • Payroll software offers a variety of tax services including calculating taxes and deduction as well as state and local taxes
  • Easily data search facility
  • Edit or modify facility.

Enrollment & Eligibility

Phoenix HR enables your business to complete benefit plan set-up, plan design, employee eligibility and on-line benefit enrollment and generate benefit statements – all in one solution. Your benefit enrollment and eligibility process is the foundation of a valuable partnership with your employees. When your employees understand the value and features of their benefits, they will become more engaged and maybe even more productive.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • Online enrollment for employees
  • Direct connectivity with carriers
  • Life event updates facilitated through employee self-service
  • No need to export data for payroll purposes
  • It manages the entire information of the employee’s from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company

Time & Attendance

Automate and Integrate Time & Attendance tracking by adding the biometrics time solution module to your Phoenix.

With Phoenix HR, time & attendance you can collect, manage and process time to more effectively manage your employee time and attendance data. Move beyond outdated time clocks and employee time and attendance formats with an easy-to-use system that can positively affect all of your employees management needs. Phoenix HR is built to work with all biometrics devices, providing you with a single access point for all of your time, payroll processing, HR and benefits information. And, since Phoenix HR is offered in the cloud, supervisors and payroll staff can review, edit and approve employee time online, anytime, anywhere.

Just a few of the powerful benefits of Phoenix HR

  • Improve employee productivity by replacing all manual time sheet calculations, overtime, shift differentials, and rate calculations with 100% pay rule automation.
  • Eliminate buddy-punching and time theft, and eliminate the need to calculate time cards.
  • Easily manage employee schedules. Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees
  • Manage pay policies, time off, overtime and more. Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick, or compensation time accruals. Give employees the ability to request time on-line.
  • Track employee time in the way that works best for your business — online, with a time clock, a swipe card, or remotely.
  • Track the necessary data to help with Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Compliance.
  • We offer dependable time clock and time tracking solutions for any workplace environment.
  • Gives you full employee attendance control
  • Maintain leave and attendance report



Online salary software works as a virtual HR for employees and hence HR is not disturbed by periodic requests from employees for various reports.

  • This software reduces the work of HR, employee of the company and other staff also
  • Give you and your HR & employees time for other works


Employee Self Service

  • Employees can view their salary details through the online payroll portal.
  • He can also apply for leave through online payroll portal.
  • Employee can generate his form 16 declare concessions for the financial year to get maximum benefit in tax.
  • He can also generate his previous salary slips.
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Key Module

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Leave Management System

Employee Information Management

Holiday Management System

Loan Management System

Claim Management System

Reimbursement Management

Goal Setting and Tracking System

Employee In/out Summary / Time Management System

Payroll Management System

Employee Information Management

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Training Management

Goal Setting and Tracking System

Salary Details

24QR Return

ECR Return

Client Management

HRD Procedures

Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increments / Appraisal / Promotion track

Project and Job Work Detail Management

Email Notification and verification


Timesheet / check in check out time

To do list / reminders

Work flow management / project and task management

Recruitment/ Application Tracking

Online Candidate Evaluation / Assessment

Salient Features


Employee Information Management

One click operations

Built on Open Source

Auto backup of database

100% compliant and CA Certified

Highly scalable supports ‘n’ number of employees

Compatible with all swipe card/ time attendance machines

Online eFile for PF ECR, ESIC and TDS 24QR available

SMS Module of salary generation

Auto email salary slips to employees

World class time attendance software

Shift Management System

Workflow system

Face Recognition, Fingerprint Comparison, Iris Recognition, and more.

CTC based salary computation possible

Easy to install, implement and use

More organised record keeping

All statutory forms and challans implemented

Dual TDS deduction (Auto/Manual)

Leading Features

Month freezing to lock month operations

TAX saving guide available

Employee master import facility available

HRMS features – Asset logging, logging off

Document submitted

Generate bank advice, generate DBF file

Generate Pay master of employees

150 page Help file provided, search contents refer as guide

Extensive employee classification

TDS concessions can be defined

Employee stop payment (Hide employee from salary reports)

Can create ‘n’ salary structures and heads

Dual mode configuration (traditional and modern way of salary structure)

Data can be exported to or imported from excel files

All HR processes from candidate entry till employee exit are fully automated

Do HR & Payroll activities and employee self-service functions from wherever, whenever in a few clicks

Flexible Form Design

Multi branch & multi user Login supported

Security and Rights Management.

Configurable Automated Workflow

Simple to learn & Operate by non-Computer background Users

Attendance Records ,Salary Structure Management

Relationships and Organization Chart

SMS & Email alerts of late mark, interview, joining, leave cancellation as customize by Company

Various alerts & graphical analysis of various data are also provided Dash board when user or admin logs into system.

Attendance device (RF / Biometric) can be integrated for getting attendance records of employee

Employee Performance Tracking

Goal Setting and Tracking System with 360 Degree Feedback

Manpower Planning & Training and Development

System also provides generation of various reports and allows export & Import via excel / third party software.

MIS-effective decision making Reports

Audit trail management for data security , record history and lost data with Reports

Why Us

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  • Cloud based – Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Access
  • Mobile App (access from anywhere and anytime)
  • User friendly/Simplify operation
  • Single data entry point
  • We provide online support for auto configuration and resolving issues.
  • SMS alerts/Email notification
  • Detail Dashboard and graphical reports show all scenario of the system to HR and Management.
  • FAQ’s
  • White labeling interface with custom branding
  • 100% Responsive
  • Cross platform compatible
  • Free upgrades


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